FreeCAD – Another nice FOSS

The world of FOSS is really exciting, once you start exploring, everyday you find a new thing. The good part is you feel complete freedom with no boundaries. In last few years I not just tried but also adopted many free open source software in my work like Libre Office, Gimp, Inkscape and many more.

Recently I started building my house and was thinking to go with a planned approach. There were two choices in front of me; one that I should go to some architect and second that let’s do it by my own. And I decided to go by second option.

Few months ago while I was exploring about free CAD softwares, I found FreeCAD. I liked it but thinking to use it somewhere, and this was an opportunity for me to try it for a purpose.

I was completely new to this kind of work but I have enjoyed it so far, and still exploring. I started with some YouTube videos as this is the most convenient way to learn basics. I explored workbenches and documentation. The two workbenches I explored the most are Sketcher and Arch. It reminded my academic days when I used to draw such thing using drafter on drawing sheets.

Below is what came out as a first draft of the project I took to build.Screen Shot 2018-02-14 at 10.11.36 PM

I am yet not done, still working on this. It makes me really feel nice that I could be able to get here in just few days.

In last I would like to thanks to the FeeCAD community. This is really a valuable contribution to FOSS word. For those who just want to get started in CAD I believe this is a really nice platform.



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