Google IO 2016 – Day 2 and Day 3

In my previous post(Google IO 2016 – Day 1) I took you through my first day at Google IO 2016, now lets tour through the second day of excitement.

It was around 7:15am in the morning of 19 May 2016 I was ready for Google IO. My today’s plan was to have Indian breakfast before arriving there at Google IO. From Redwood City, where I was staying I took Caltrain to Mountain View. Close to train station there on a road there were many restaurants, I tried to find  one Indian restaurant there, but none of open at 8am there, so I decided to reach and have breakfast there at Google IO itself.

I took the shuttle bus and reached to Google IO, quickly had my breakfast and rushed to my first session of the day “VR at Google” by Clay Bavor, Google at 9am.

Virtual reality is one of the less explored avenue in technological world, and Google is pushing really hard the bounds of technology to get deeper into the world of virtual reality. In my quest of new exploration it was really an interesting start of the day at Google IO. It was really incredible to see the future of user immersive user experience. Below are the major highlights of the session.

  • Virtual reality
  •  Daydream
    • Daydream ready smartphones
    • Headset & Controller
    • Apps
  • Daydream mode of in smart phone even for doing fundamental things in phone, like reading text message.
  • Headset gives uses a incredible sense of presence. But this is just to look around.
  • Controller bring interactivity in the virtual world provided by Daydream mode. You can use that as a laser pointer or a tennis racket.
  • Daydream apps can run in Daydream mode.
  • All this together provides incredible VR experience
  • Daydream in Ureal 4 game engine
  • Daydream in NDK announcement
  • Android Daydream enabled home screen, Play Store, YouTube
  • Daydream in Unity game engine
  • Jump camera system and processing software, product Odyssey built in partnership with GoPro. This is for capture 360 videos. A cinema grade high quality camera IMAX.
  • Project Tango with Daydream

I am wrapping up this article but there was a lot more than this…really an amazing experience I had!


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