Google IO 2016 – A Day Before The Event

In my last post(My First International Trip to USA – How I Reached there) I shared my journey with you from New Delhi to Redwood City, California; and now come with me to share experience I had there in one of the biggest software developer festival on the globe, GOOGLE IO.

It was 7am in the morning of 17 May 2016, and I was ready to go to collect my Google IO entry badge from Shoreline Amphitheater, Mountain View for the event on tomorrow. I was having whole day to explore the city and roam around as well. Mountain View was five stations away from the Redwood City by Caltrain, so I had to take Caltrain to reach there and station was half a mile away from my hotel, so walked along the streets to get there. One thing was really impressive there on the roads, a button for pedestrians to cross the road.signal_button.jpg On my way I took my first breakfast in USA there at Burger King, which was very close to my hotel.IMG_0114.JPG

Then I reached to Caltrain station and took my train to Mountain View. As I got to the Mountain View station I was thinking which way to go, right at that time I saw a person standing there with a board in his hand. The board was having “Google IO” written on that; I was aware that there is free shuttle service available to Google IO, I asked from that person “Are you here for the same?”. He responded, yes! and I took shuttle to Shoreline Amphitheatre. There I got myself registered and got my badge.IMG_0124.JPGAfter getting registered I was waiting for the shuttle to get back to Caltrain station, as per my plan I was having full day to roam around and explore the city, but where to go, even I was not having any clue, then I met Karl Hoeft an Australian guy, Head Information Systems in some IT startup. I had chat with him and joined him to explore the Mountain View. He was not natively from US but had spend 2 years in US, so was bit familiar with US.IMG_0127.JPGThen we took shuttle bus to reach Caltrain station. His hotel was nearby within Mountain View itself, so decided to go to his room first to take some rest as the day was very sunny. We spent around one hour there, after that we decided to have lunch. I was not aware of the kind of food available there, so I completely relied on him. We decided to go to Chipotle, a Mexican restaurant, which was more than a mile away from the hotel. We decided to walk to the restaurant. There he suggested me to have Burrito Bowl, a Mexican cuisine, and we both took the same. After spending more than half an hour there in restaurant we went to a Tennis store, Karl was thinking to buy some T-shirt for his son from there, but couldn’t be able to find one he wanted. After that again we explored the streets there for around one hour and then Karl decided to go back to his hotel, so he moved to his hotel and I took Caltrain to get back to my hotel.

So far everything was going really good, unfortunately till the time I reached to my hotel I was not feeling well, my stomach got upset. I decided to take some rest as I had already made multiple trips to toilet. I slept till evening and after waking up I was feeling better but not absolutely alright. I though this was all because I spent whole day in the sun. I went out to have dinner and explore the places around at 9pm. I couldn’t find restaurant of my desire with something simple and similar to Indian food. I again decide to go Chipotle to try something else. This time I tried Burrito Wrap. Then went back to my room to sleep, so that I can get ready on time in next morning, after all Google IO was going to start tomorrow for which I was there.

CONTINUED…Google IO 2016 – Day 1


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