My First International Trip to USA – How I Reached there

Just like many of you, travelling abroad was a kind of dream come true for me when I travelled to USA for Google IO. It’s been almost two weeks since I arrived back in India and finally now I got a chance to share my experience with you.

This was not something exciting for me only but was equally exciting for my family, boss, friends, colleagues and team as well. I shared this excitement with all of them. My family helped to get all the shopping and packing done. And my boss…he is really great guy…he acted more than a perfect travel guide for me. He managed to draw out time from his hectic daily schedule to tell me each and every minute detail about how to reach, what to do, what to eat, where to visit and even what to carry for my personal use, and not just this but also did all my bookings.

This journey started in midnight at 12AM 16 May 2016 IST with Uber cab I called to drive me to the Terminal 3, IGI Airport, Delhi. This was my first time to IGI airport and was feeling really excited to board the flight. As I reached there I checked in my baggage, went through all security checks and finally boarded onto Boeing 787-9 twin jet aircraft(operated by KLM ROYAL DUTCH AIRLINES), it was quite big aircraft. I had flown one time earlier as well in domestic flight but this experience was a lot different. It was a long journey of 8 hours 20 minutes to Amsterdam, Netherland but in the joy how it got passed I don’t know. Continuously and again and again I was just looking into screen available to me for entertainment for my flight status like how high I am flying, what is the speed, where exactly I am, what is the temperature outside, I was playing with that just like a small kid in his toy car. But it was a connecting flight I had to change my flight on Amsterdam to Seattle and then from Seattle to San Jose. And those flights were not that exciting as I got tried till that time after travelling for so long.

In my next flight from Amsterdam to Seattle I got my first international friend. I met with a guy named Kariem Hussain, an Android developer from Austria. He was also heading to GoogleIO. We spent 10 hours together in flight chatting, discussing, watching movie. On Seattle he took different flight to San Francisco as he had book his hotel there and I took flight to San Jose. Also after very long time, I posted something on Facebook. I posted my each checkin of Airports on Facebook.


Finally, I landed at San Jose at around 7pm in the evening on 16 May 2016 PST. But my hotel was there in Redwood City few miles away from San Jose International Airport so I had to take bus to Caltrain Station, which directly goes to Redwood city. I was waiting for the bus at bus stop. It was a completely different experience for me that no one was around just one Japanese lady was there on bus stop. I had a chat with her for 15 mins, she also clicked my photographs.


When I reached to Caltrain station, again no one was there on station, I was surprised as Indian don’t have habit to see such loneliness everywhere. One more fascinating thing was there, nobody used to force anybody there to buy tickets for the ride, not even anybody used to check anybody’s ticket. Everyone there used to get the ticket from ticket vending machine by their own. People behave so responsibly it was again surprising for me.


Then finally after travelling for more than 27 hours I reached to my hotel at around 10pm PST, I was tired and hungry. I was not aware of the that location and was thinking form where I will get food at 10pm. Fortunately, the hotel manager was Indian, a Gujrati Mota Bhai and he arranged three parathas and some veggi for me. Finally I got into the bed as I had to got up early in the next morning to collect my badge for GoogleIO.

CONTINUED…Google IO 2016 – A Day Before The Event



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