Want To Be A Writer? Read Novels!

For a writer, language is a medium to present his thought. So definately language plays a crucial role in writer’s life. To learn the languge one need to understand grammer and vocabulary of the language. But learing language doesn’t ensure someone is a good writer. Language just ensures the correctness not effectiveness.

The fact above is also equally applicable for the computer languages. All developers write grammatically correct code because compiler ensures that(if code can be compiled, it is grammatically correct), same goes for vocabulary. But does that ensures your are writing a really good code. Definately not!

Some day in the past I was watching Discovery channel. It was a study done by some scientist which I was watching. The study was all about learning. In that programme there was a comparision done between gorilla and human kid learning. The conclusion of that was “human learns most of the thing in his life by copying from others but gorilla uses his brain to identify the solution”. Because of this nature of human learns more than gorilla and some of the humans go even ahead of the already learnt things which we call inventions and discoveries.

Because of human instict, a good writer should be good reader as well, same applies to coders as well. Many of us understand this fact and refer to books and articles for the best practices for coding. But when it comes to practical ground, in actual coding 100% is never applied. The reason behind this is people learn the best practices with small-small examples given in the book which solves a small problem. But in acually project is a bigger problem to solve. So the best way learn the best practices is to see how multiple best practices work together to solve a bigger problem. As human by instict learn from copying, exploring various code libaries is the best way to find all that in one place working together.

But in some course of time and increasing responsibility a coder get lost and remains busy other things and don’t give time to his/her learning. If same is the situation with you, its time to rethink. In order to keep our learning pace steady one should spare time in reading existing and well written code libraries. Otherwise you might be doing the thing in same way through out the life and commitng same mistakes again and again.

So keep on reading novels(code libraries) to write the best novel of your own(project).


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