I Think I Need To Service My Car

An organisation can be compared with a machine which takes inputs and produces output, to monitor this there are various reports. Whether you as a developer or a manger if you always have more than required resources and you just care about the result no matter how that is achieved then this article might not be relevant to you. I know for most of you it not the case.

As we all look for the best results, so the internal working of the system matters for us. Results matter but should not be at the cost of quality or stability of the system. We optimise our code so that the application will consume less bandwidth, low memory and less CPU cycles, similar kind of optimisation is required in management as well so that results can be achieved with optimum way in terms of time, resources and satisfaction.

Reports in the system are the abstracted view of the system which an organisation needs when it is growing from a start-up to a big company of the market. Sometime report says considering input and output everything is good and improving. For example we are delivering our work on time or as per the high level parameters reports are saying system is doing good. But these parameter are just like parameter shown on car dashboard like fuel, temperature, speed, kilometers. Can you predict when you car will face a breakdown. No, that will appear on the dashboard when it is already happened. The better way to predict the breakdown is to open the bonnet and check the engine closely.

It all seems we are doing good and growing as per the statistics we have on high level about the company i.e. as per the the abstracted view of the whole system. I also agree on the same. Comparing the organisation with car, seeing my car dashboard, yes we have covered a long distance and we have enough fuel to go head as well and engine temperature is within limit. But what is engine really in good condition or require maintenance as car might need maintenance after travelling some distance. To analyse the same I conducted a survey with the grass root level employees or you can say on the engine of the car. Out of my total finding, my one finding was fuel supply is not good to engine and we have to run on highway ahead. So far we couldn’t recognise the supply on our dashboard as we were travelling through the streets and never tried high speed to travel. Let me bring back you to the context, the analogy here is, fuel is requirements gathered from the client and engine is team developing application including developers, testers, project coordinators  and leads. I found the information flow in the system need to fixed as the information is not flowing in the team through correct channel which may put us in trouble in future when we’ll get some challenging project. The important thing to note here is this problem was no where depicted in any management meeting or any report.

You can also compare the car dashboard with the management meetings and the survey I conducted as open bonnet. Both matters so both should be considered while creating the plans and processes. I would like to end this article with the conclusion “We should service our car and do not just rely on the meters there on dashboard before a new journey”……..;)