It doesn’t taste good.

When a start-up oraganisation starts it has a bunch of people working in it. At that time they work with huge freedom in terms of timing of work, knowledge exchange etc. But along with time gradudally when such oranisation grows, the amount of work get increased and to get that done more people get introduced in the system.

To keep a control on the work organisation goes towards the processes and tools. But this seems against the human nature as “Nobody likes rules and everybody wants to live free”. People usually opts easy way out which many times goes against the processes or tools. But in the whole story there is an interesting fact some of the processes and tools get adopted by people very easily. So it becomes very necessary to understand why people go biased towards some processes or tools.

In the organisation I am working the same I saw so I started thinking of this. In our organisation we are using two tools to manage the work and collaborate on the project, one project management tool(PMT) and another version control system(VCS) for source code. Management introduced version control system that developers started using and without hassle got digested in the system. Without specific monitoring everybody is using that religiously. But when it comes to project management tool people feel that an overhead and results nothing to them. In management prespective project management tool is very important tool to track the project progress without involving in it very closely and quickly. But in employees prespective version control ststem really helps as with that they can better manage the code and collaborate with team but project management tools is not something which heplps that that much.

The situation is like a mother who is saying eat green vegitables to her kid. As she knows vegitable are good for health. But kid doesn’t like that and he thinks it doesn’t taste good. So kid always tries to avoid that. In such a situation mother has two clear ways either she will giveup and would not ask kid to eat vegetables or will forcefully ask him to eat them.

In business the processes and tools cannot be abondened as those are the need for the future. In such cases the situation takes a wrong turn, organisations start forcing the processes and tools on the employees. Consequently it leads two bad feeling and tense environment just like the kid feels when he is asked to eat the vegetables. In such situation the employees cram processes and tools in their work just like the kid does with vegitables.

To ensure this happening management just like mother will have to monitor it very closely to ensure this to happen. In organisation it is done with several reportings. In this way the reporting becomes for monitoring people not work.

But clever moms do not force their kids to eat vegitable. Instead they do a little mulling over it and make their kids to eat that through some tasty dishes. If one dish doesn’t work out tries for another. In whole this one thing is intersting mom is not asking kid to try to search for dishes or try something else. Instead thinking and working on this by her own.

I think same is applicable to the organisation, management should try and opt for alternates. It’s a place to think on by management. If mom is not able to make her kid eat the vegitable its her failure. Before ending my post I would like to conclude this with “In order to make the people follow processes and tools they should be made feel that those are actually benifical to them and how that would happen we need to think of as management”.