I vs We

Few days are left for Indian general elections 2014. The whole country is submerged in political turbulence. Everyday we get to know about a new turn in political arena. Well, I am not here to discuss the politics as I am not a fan of politics. But still there are few interesting things happening in politics which are directly or indirectly related to every individual from us.

It’s very natural phenomenon that new people join any corporation, social group, a team or even a family and be that part of that or get rejected. Some of them have a different vision to look towards the things. But out of those few get accepted by the group forever and other get accepted initially and then rejected even when they have same target as that of the group they join.

Well I am talking about Mr. Kejriwal who started a movement to eradicate corruption and got a huge support from the people. Then suddenly what wrong happened after he became the chief minister of New Delhi. The equations are getting changed day by day for him. He is losing his value, his people are leaving him. Well, you might be thinking I am a supporter of Kejriwal or any other political party but I am not. I am just trying to figure out what really went wrong because this is not Kejriwal’s story. This is mine or yours story as well. Similar to when we debut in our career or we get married. We starts a new inning very optimistically and soon things get complicated day by day. In all the cases one thing is common which is “I turns into we”.

“We” seems simple but it is very complicated word. Lets first talk about “I”. “I” denotes me. If it is me I have a single vision with limited power which might not we enough to accomplish big goal. And there “we” comes in. Let me explain you this with an example. Edison invented electric bulb but was he enough to make world illuminated? Definitely the answer would we “No”. “I” can start a new vision or can bring a new idea but this is “we” which can make it effective for a mass(society, group, team, corporation etc.).

Sometimes we feel I can achieve anything I have the skills and I have the right vision. This works perfect for small tasks where you are the only who is working. Keeping such though while working in a group this doesn’t works, either you will be overworked and will be doing others tasks or you will not be accepted by group and ultimately people in group will start leaving group. The same happened with Kejriwal. He had a very good vision but his “I” was dominating “we”.

Lets take another example from Indian general elections. We all are voters who decides who will be our leader. Today’s morning I was watching last episode of “Satyamev Jayate season 2” a TV show by Amir Khan. In that it was shown how voters get affected by “I-We” factor. Voters vote for a candidate for just a few hundred rupees, some gifts like phone, sarees etc or a bottle of wine or on the basis of cast, religion. When we see the same from bird eye view voters are more concerned about their personal interests so are the leaders. In that “We” is failing because of “I”, whether it is voters “I” or leaders “I”.

That means “we” is all about thinking together and drawing solution of the problem and achieving big goal which will benefit the whole group. Remember those days when our elders, parents, or teachers used to say “stay together” or “unity is power”. Even we have heard many stories on this in our childhood. We are all aware about this fact but the question is “HOW?”. You might be thinking I will conclude this article with some solution. But unfortunately it is not a black and white this is a grey area. There is not clear defined way to achieve positive togetherness. I leave this on you to think over this. Still I have some thoughts, a constructive group can be created with honest contribution for the group goals by each member. It doesn’t matter whether you are valued or not just honestly contribute if you deserve you will be valued.