BulletPhysics(Physics Engine) Android Port – Demo App using OpenGL

In my last post I discussed about the BulletPhysics port on android. Now in this post I am going to elaborate how to use it with OpenGL graphics to visualize the the BulletPhysics. In my last post I ported BulletPhysics the using NDK build system for Android. This time I have extended that port to bind the graphics with that. I wrote the drawing logic of the object in OpenGL. I have created a very simple scene in which four balls fall and moves according to the physics laws. The transformation in the balls positions and orientations is handled by the bullet.

Hope you would find this interesting. For more detailed documentation you can refer http://bulletphysics.org/ for Bullet and http://opengl.org/for OpenGL.

Checkout code: https://github.com/manoj-chauhan/AndroBullet


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